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SMALLIE SNAX Game Piece *Rodents*

SMALLIE SNAX Game Piece *Rodents*

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Official Game piece Smallie Snax "Rodents" spaces

*Photo of smallmouth (17-inches or longer) on measuring board with identifier visible (wristband or sticker) AND qualifying lure/fly used to catch the fish in the picture must be uploaded in order to qualify for purchase.

Acceptable lures/flies for Rodents category are any lure/fly that is designed to mimick any Rodent. Examples would include:

  • Rat swimbait
  • Mouse flies
  • Hollow bodied mouse
  • Beaver style lures

Ultimately Achigan will make the final judgement call as to whether lure/fly qualifies for the SNAX category.

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**Collect all five Rodents SNAX pieces and receive a SNAX challenge sticker for Free! (Must email with picture of completed spaces on board in order to receive)